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Larry Truong, Manulife Vietnam - Testimnial to Mekong Train

Larry Truong (Mr.) - Manulife Vietnam - Head of Agency Training and Development (2014)

”I would like to let you know that I have received many good feedback on your workshop from the trainers and many of them have deployed M-A-N-U-L-I-F-E formula into training practice. I would like to thank you for your powerful Train the Trainers workshop. It does bring positive impact to our professional lives”.
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Dominik Michael Fruth (Mr.) - Häfele Vina JSC - General Director (2014)

"I would like to thank you and Tyra for the highly motivational two day Project Management Course cum Teambuilding event. The course was not only educational teaching us the latest business methodologies in project management, but also very much inspirational and fun for all involved".

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Hamish Keith - Exotravel Group Managing Director - Testimonital to Mekong Train

Hamish Keith (Mr.) – Exotissimo Travel – Group Managing Director (2014)

“Thanks for your energy and material again at ExoAcademy. Another legendary performance. Thank you!!”

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Peter Simson - General Manager Hilton Opera Hanoi

Peter Simson (Mr.) - Hilton Hanoi Opera - General Manager (2014)

"A successful day that the team seemed to have not only enjoyed - but it opens the mind to "new possibilities" along with a few aching muscles! Early days but let's see... I look forward to discussing "the what next".

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Brian O'Reilly (Mr.) - International Management Initiative for Vietnam - Director (2014)

Brian O’Reilly (Mr.) - International Management Initiative for Vietnam – Director (2014)

"Dylan is a dynamic trainer who not only helps people learn how to do things better and also why they need to do things differently. He works on attitude as well as aptitude".

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Ta Thanh Thuy (Ms.) - Riverside Apartment - General Director (2014)

Ta Thanh Thuy (Ms.) – Riverside Apartment – General Director (2014)

Thanks for sharing and I hope that Dylan’s training section this morning will change my life with different way of thinking. Really appreciated! You did a great job, Dylan! We are proud of having you in a team.”

Caravelle GM

John Gardner (Mr.) - Caravelle Hotel - General Manager (2014)

“Dynamic Training from a Dynamic Trainer inspired and motivated our whole team”.

For more information about Caravelle Hotel training, click HERE

Carravelle Director of Human Resources

Bui Tien Dat (Mr.) – Caravelle Hotel – Director of Human Resources (2014)

Thank you for the inspiration to our trainers during the “Train the Trainers” workshop which helped spread our Mission Vision Values to the whole organization. We have also received a large amount of  positive feedback about the Mission Vision Values Training from our associates. I believe this is a very strong indicator of the success of Mekong Train's program. Thank you Dylan for your “kaizen" of facilitation”.

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Hilton Business Development

Gagan Talwar  (Mr.) - Hilton Hanoi Opera - Director of Business Development (2014)

"I would once again like to reiterate that the conversations, material covered and workshop in general have left a very positive impact on all of us and you must be thoroughly commended for this".

For more information about Hilton training, click HERE

Hilton HR manager

Tran Nguyen Ngoc Tu (Ms.) - Hilton Hanoi Opera - Learning & Development Manager (2014)

"We are so younggggg! Ready for change! :) I will remember you all a lot :("

For more information about Hilton training, click HERE

Exotissimo Indonesia HR Manager

Ario Narendro (Mr.) - Exotissimo Indonesia - HR Manager (2013)

"Staffs are happy and this year’s training gave them a huge impact on their job, they remember the habits and I do also often to humming “check, double check, and follow up and plan your day”. Training was hilarious and memorable, Thank you!"

Mekong Train Testimonials - Tom Vovers

Tom Vovers (Mr.) - HR2B - General Director (2013)

"You did a great job and I have positive feedback from the team about your performance last week"

Mekong Train Testimonials - Meave

Maeve Nolan (Ms.) - Backyard Travel - General Manager (2013)

"Extremely well executed training and an excellent choice of relevent topics were presented by Dylan in our 2-day workshop in BangKok. Can't wait for next year!"

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